SnapMail Emergency is the premium version of SnapMail

SnapMail Emergency is the premium, or paid-for, version of the free SnapMail mobile phone app. You can upgrade to the premium version of the app only after you have downloaded the free version on your Apple or Android mobile phones.

The free version of SnapMail allows you to take a photo of an attacker, e-mail it to yourself and store the photo of the attacker in your private account on the SnapMail website, all with ONE click. Therefore, if the attacker breaks or steals your phone, you still have a photo of him stored remotely. This is a very powerful crime prevention tool. All photos have a time stamp, date stamp and GPS location feature so they are very useful evidence of a crime.

SnapMail Emergency has an extra feature on top of the powerful features of the free app. It sends 5 of your Friends an SOS Text and e-mail if you are in a vulnerable situation. How does it do this? The e-mail you receive when you are a premium user of the app contains a link when you take a photo. If you click the link in the e-mail within 5 minutes you are confirming that you are not in danger.

But, if you fail to click the link in the e-mail within 5 minutes, the SnapMail Emergency app automatically sends an SOS text message and e-mail to 5 of your Friends notifying them that you are in trouble. How awesome is that?

Therefore, what the premium version of the app does with one single click is:

1. Takes a photo of your attacker, with a time stamp and GPS location

2. E-mails the photo of the attacker to you

3. Saves the photo of the attacker in your private SnapMail website account

4. Notifies 5 of your Friends that you are in trouble

For less that the price of a coffee, the few Dollars, Euro, Pounds per month it costs to subscribe to SnapMail Emergency could protect you from muggers, attackers, rapists, stalkers, kidnappers and murderers.

SnapMail Emergency

Click here to download the free SnapMail app and upgrade to SnapMail Emergency whenever you want.