Download the SnapMail app before Meeting a Stranger

Meeting a stranger in any situation can be stressful, whether that is for a blind date or to collect something you have purchased online or a whole host of other situations. †It also contains hidden risks, some of which could be quite serious, so why not go prepared?

Looking to buy a second-hand car? Before the internet you had to read the small ads in your local paper and trudge around from seller to seller to find something you like. Today, you donít even have to go out to buy the paper!

But not even the internet can eliminate the risks you face when youíre meeting a stranger for the first time, possibly at a location with which you are unfamiliar.

It is not possible for online marketplaces to vet all of their buyers and sellers Ė the numbers are just too great. It is as easy for a recently escaped murderer as a Buddhist monk to sell a car online, without even having to disclose their real identity.

So, when you arrange to meet someone in a deserted car park to test drive the second-hand car of your dreams you really have no idea who youíre meeting. And, if you are arriving with a bag of cash you can understand why someone with bad intentions would consider it a glorious opportunity.

A great way to protect yourself is to take a SnapMail photo of the stranger you are meeting at the point of introduction. Only someone with a guilt complex will object. Of course there is no guarantee that a desperate or hardened criminal wonít still try to rob your cash (and your phone!) but it is likely to prove a serious deterrent for a criminal with even half a brain, especially when he realised that even if he robs your phone, his photo has still been uploaded to your SnapMail website account.

If he does proceed to rob you and makes good his escape, at least you have some excellent photo evidence for the police, backed up by the SnapMail time and location stamps. Thatís not a bad consolation and will definitely make it a lot easier to catch the perpetrator.

Click here to download the free SnapMail app. †It could save your life!

SnapMail Meeting a Stranger

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