Could SnapMail have saved Teresa Halbach in Making a Murderer?

Teresa Halbach was a 25 year old photographer for a car magazine who was murdered in Wisconsin in 2005. The subsequent arrests and convictions of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey formed the basis of the hugely popular 10 part documentary series Making a Murderer.


The remains of Teresa Halbach and her Rav4 vehicle were found on the grounds of Steven Avery’s house and adjacent car scrappage yard. What made the documentary such compelling viewing is that there appeared to be clear evidence that the police were out to get Avery from the beginning and there appeared to be a serious lack of DNA evidence to convict either of them, especially Brendan Dassey. In fact, Dassey was convicted solely on the basis of his own confession and you would have serious concern’s about the guy’s mental capabilities.

Now, I don’t want to reveal anything further about the Netflix series for fear of spoiling it for those who haven’t yet seen it, but I thought it would be informative to highlight some of the ways in which someone in Teresa Halbach’s situation could have used SnapMail to protect herself.

Firstly, anyone going to meet anyone on their own should have the SnapMail app primed on their mobile phone. It’s the easiest thing in the world to take a quick and silent snap of someone without them even realising it. That would have given the investigating authorities the precise time that Teresa Halbach was at Steven Avery’s yard due to the GPS location feature on each photograph. Even if her mobile phone had been disposed of the evidence would remain in her SnapMail website account.

After she had taken the photo she would have had 5 minutes to disable the text and e-mail notification that would have been sent to 5 of her friends, had she been using the SnapMail Emergency service. In a worst case scenario she had plenty of time to tell Steven Avery while she was tied up, if indeed she was tied up, that help was on its way and it was not advisable for him to do anything to harm her. You’d have to assume he wasn’t so stupid as to risk getting caught in those circumstances.

SnapMail Emergency

The premium version of the SnapMail app

As a crime prevention tool, as well as a way to help solving crimes that have been committed, SnapMail is a simple, low-cost and effective solution.

It’s quite possible that if Teresa Halbach had deployed the SnapMail app on that fateful day in 2005 then she could be alive today, but even if the crime was still committed we would have a far better idea if the right people are in jail for having done so.

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One thought on “Could SnapMail have saved Teresa Halbach in Making a Murderer?

  1. Lina Phillips

    Oh God, I wish she had taken a photo of the last person she met. It kills me to think we will never know for sure who did it but I don’t believe Steven Avery is guilty of this.


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