Read about how the exclusive features of the SnapMail app can protect you in a huge range of threatening situations and even save your life!

Prevent Robbery

Picture the scene .......... you are sitting at home with your family on a Sunday evening, having dinner, when you hear an intruder in another room in the house. One of your familyimmediately calls the police but you go to investigate the noise coming from the lounge.

Two men are in the process of stealing your cherished 42” flat screen television and they turn around when they see you. Unbelievably, they don’t try to make a run for it, but instead continue trying to try lifting the television out the window.

Calmly, you point your mobile phone at them and take a SnapMail photo of their faces, with just a single click. “You’ve been SnapMailed” you shout. “Your faces have been e-mailed and uploaded to the SnapMail website, so even if you try taking this phone, your images have been recorded at being in this location at this time.”

The two men are about to drop your television when you shout “And if you break that TV you will be done for criminal damage. If you’re sensible you will walk away now and we’ll forget the lesser charge of trespassing.”

The two men climb out the window from whence they emerged and that’s the last you see of them. You check the photos on the SnapMail website and ponder whether to forward them to the Police or not.