Read about how the exclusive features of the SnapMail app can protect you in a huge range of threatening situations and even save your life!

Prevent Rape

Picture the scene .......... you are asleep in bed one night when you are awoken by someone opening your bedroom door. You immediately switch on the light and see someone standing in the doorway of your bedroom. You are so paralysed with fear that you are not able to scream for help, but even if you could scream for help there is no-one else in the house who could hear you and come to your aid.

Your mobile phone is on your bedside locker but you know you don’t have time to dial the number and call the police. Even if you did have time to dial the number you know you wouldn’t have time to wait for them to answer or report the intruder.

But, you do have time to take a single photo with a single click of a button on your mobile phone. And with SnapMail that is all you need.

You click the ‘Take SnapMail Photo’ on your mobile phone and instantly you have recorded the image of the intruder. Even if the room is dark the flash feature will capture the image of the unwelcome guest. In fact, you have taken 5 photos at 2 second intervals with that one click, so even if your hand is shaking you are sure to capture him at least once and in varying positions.

The first thing the intruder will assume is that all he needs to do is steal your mobile phone and any evidence of him being in your room will vanish. But he hasn’t counted on SnapMail.

You scream “You’ve been SnapMailed. Your photo has been e-mailed to me and it has also been uploaded to the SnapMail website. If you do anything to me the Police will have your photo and evidence that you were in this location at this time. Do you really want to incriminate yourself? If you leave now nothing will happen to you.”

Only a completely irrational rapist would hang around.